Shepherd University

Shepherd leads SNAP-Ed educational, hands-on/experiential, and advisory activities in four elementary schools in Berkeley County, and three elementary schools in Jefferson County. The overall goals of these SNAP-Ed efforts are to:

  • Teach about nutrient-rich foods and why they are important
  • Teach where foods come from (gardening and class and cafeteria education), forms they can be consumed in, how they are prepared
  • Increase consumption of nutrient-rich foods at home and school, especially vegetables and fruits
  • Reduce food waste with regards to cafeterias, and in other settings (home, afterschool programs, etc.)
  • Teach children how to grow and prepare their own food


Site Supervisor: Danielle Hollar
301 North King Street

Butcher Center

Shepherdstown, WV 25443-7000

County: Jefferson
Phone: 305-992-4085


VISTA: Emily Gilmore

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